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Ever needed help with a project? Welcome to SkillsConnect! Here you can search for someone to help you complete a project by searching through the navigation bar above. Search by User or Skill and contact the tutor of your dreams! Happy Searching!

Want to see if your tutor has the right skills? Want to see if your project partner has the skills you need? If so, then this is your service. User search will let you search our database by name to find information on anyone you need. Feel free to visit their profile page for more user info.
If you're looking for someone to help you out with a project, this is the search for you. Fill the gaps in your team by looking for people with the skills you need. Once you've found your team, view their profile to find out how to get in contact. Or search for and find projects with the skills you want.
Looking for somewhere to apply your skills? Then Projects is the place to go! Here you will find a listing of some current projects going on within our user base. If any of them seem interesting, checkout the projects profile page to learn more about the project and to contact the contributors!

Want to Learn About our API?

API stands for application programmming interface, and is essentially a way of using our database information in your own application. In order to use our API, take the following URL: skillsconnect.herokuapp.com/api?user=USERNAME&type=TYPE and replace the information you would like to use. Type is either the first name (first), last name (last), or nickname (nickname). The type is based on what information you put in for USERNAME.

For example, if you were searching for Gage Dykema (whose nickname is Gagey), you could use any of the following URL's: